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About Us


To provide quality tooling to manufacture wire and strip products cost effectively.
To provide superior clever thought out tool engineering designs.
To provide tooling to produce consistent quality in spec parts.
To allow our customers to be a leader in slide wire and strip forming production.
To provide 3D cad designs that customers can build on.
To educate customers in the operation of slide form tooling and machines.
To provide technical service customers may not have.

Typical tool with 16 bends using Hard Drawn wire, formed and welded running at 25 peices/min
Tooled on an OMCG Slide Machine


Wire OMCG Four Slide 3D designed tooling for forming and bending from a coil of wire.

Complete turnkey systems with CAD 3D computer simulation prior to construction. Tooling for assemblies of wire and strip components. Wire EDM capability. Wire sizes for tooling can range from 0.040” to 0.500”. Strip widths up to 6”. Four-Slide and Multislide tooling utilizing slides and dies. We utilize cross wire and butt welding. CNC prototypes or short runs. Provide technical service and support for OMCG, Bihler, Nilson and US Baird fourslide machines. Parts can be: Threaded, Tapped, Headed, Coined, Swagged, Bent, Welded and Assembled.
Members of the:
Wire Association International and the Tool and Manufactures Association
Company history
Officially started in Feb 2010 By Bob Sears and
Bob Kohaniuk we have been in the design and sales tooling business for 30 years designing tooling primarily for OMCG slide forming machines in the wire and strip area.
Customer testimonials
PMF Inc. has a number of repeat customers who we have dealt with prior to the start of PMF Inc.